Saturday, May 30, 2015


We ran in the morning.

Ella bit my arm!

Ella was a nut and wouldn't nap.  She put a blanket over her head and ran around her room at one point.

I got Ella to nap in the crib. But it didn't last long. I was able to shower and eat while she napped but I didn't finish eating. I was still in my robe. I got her back to sleep but let her sleep on me. She slept a really long time!

We had an event to go to at Google so I wanted her to wake up.  She rustled at the last possible time that Dave said we could go to get him and still make it otherwise we just wouldn't go.  Well that meant I had seconds to get dressed. I threw on a dress since that's quick. I really liked being able to wear a dress.  Ella liked TGIF. She was jamming to the music and she liked the food. She chomped on a Texas Toast the entire ride home. She even ate the crust.


  1. Exactly why I love dresses. You just throw it on, and it's a whole outfit in one and looks great.

    1. Yup! But then I feel like my purse/diaper bag should match