Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 1-15 Outfits

May 1 I for a black T-shirt that I wore on May 12. I forgot to get a daily picture. I wore it to the mall with skinny jeans.
May 2, I used the timer on my phone for my daily picture. I ended up standing pretty far back so I had to crop a bit so they aren't that clear. I'm still impressed I managed something. This shirt is old. I used to love it but now I wish it was 2 inches longer based on where jeans hit. I used to wear it with pencil skirts more and they hit higher. (Old example)

I'm wearing my new maxi dress. (I bought it on May 1 at the mall.) Ella is wearing one of here new dresses. I wore red shoes and red accessories to tie in with Ella.
I bought Ella and I clothes on March 7 so we could match. I got her the skirt and top and me the top. Look at us go. I wore pink shoes because Ella only has dress shoes that are pink.
Take 2 of coordinating. We only wore the 5/9 outfits for about an hour but we were these all day. The skirt kept falling down on Ella so I put a onesie on her so you couldn't tell!
 We matched for our run!
 I think i need to put the tilt pod on my new camera because it won't angle in a way to get a daily picture and propping didn't work so well.

 I figured why not match another day in a row. I took a black shirt out of my stash to be painted for Ella to wear.
 It got cold so I eventually changed. Ella probably got dirty for why she changed.
I dug out an old shirt I hadn't worn for awhile.
The tank top shot is whenI took some before pictures for Focus T25. I can't believe my sports bra hung out lop sided. It is so distracting in all my pictures.

Again I got dressed other days but didn't get pictures.


  1. LOVE all the matching, and that maxi dress. You look good with red accents.

    1. Thanks and thanks. I have 3 red necklaces that's how much I like red accents. :)