Thursday, March 5, 2015


Ella woke me up by squealing. I check on the monitor and she's sitting up in the middle of her crib playing with her football. My alarm was set to go of 2 minutes later.   We did our normal thing to get ready.

We had to drop Dave off part of the way to work. Well he didn't have his bike and I didn't want to drop him off the entire way because I had to be somewhere at 8:30 and work was way out of the way.

I got to Kate's at 8:28. Tiffany was there a minute or two later.    We looked at the pools and decided which ones to use.  Then we went to run.  We met Marie at the entrance to the trail.  We ran almost 4 miles but we turned around at 2.02 mi so having 3.91 mi total is weird.

Then we went swimming!  Ella loved swimming.  It was quite hectic with more kids than adults.

At 12:30 or so we headed home. Ella was in exhausted mode.  She fell asleep minutes after starting to nurse.

Around 3:30, I decide to look at the app just to see if she moved. This causes me to realize that I actually didn't have it on. It kept losing connection earlier so I turned it off. I was in the office so I could hear her if she cried. Well I was shocked to see that she was just sitting in her crib playing with her football.  I watched for about a minute and she was having fun. When I opened the door to go in, I guess she decided to move. She was on her belly with her blanket in her mouth. The blanket was on her crib but it started swaddled around her.

I nursed then we walked to the park.
We had fun at the park until 5:45. The meetup should end at 5 but some people stick around.

We got home, I nursed, she ate food, I nursed, then she fell right to sleep.

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