Tuesday, January 26, 2016

December 1-15 Outfits

Picasa has been awful at making collages. It fails more than half the time. When I finally get one created, then sometimes it won't save after I add the dates. And if it fails, it will fail that entire day instead of working right after. So I have had December outfits cropped for awhile finally after 3 weeks I got enough collages made for the December 1-15 outfits.

I left the house on numerous days that I don't have pictures for.

 The purple shirt is new. I wish it flared out down lower but it is still pretty nice.
 I was all dressed up on 12/12 for Dave's work Christmas Party.
I wore leggings and a tunic for the first time. Well I did once or so with maternity clothes but it was hard to find tunics then too. I have had issues finding both tunics and leggings. I want more leggings too. I also have to wear these with boots since they are pretty short.
I was dressed up on 12/15 for pictures I made our family take for our Christmas Cards!

I actually wore a wide variety of things. Only some of my "outfits" are workout clothes.


  1. I have a hard time finding tunics that don't just look like a regular shirt on me. I like all the dressing up you did.

    1. Me too. A few of my shirts are tunics if you looked at th tag. The purple and the blue are insanely big so that helped