Monday, January 25, 2016


 How many faces can she wear at once!?

 I was showing Ella pictures of family members to try to get her used to them.
Ella really likes Poly. The feelings are not mutual but sometimes Poly puts up with the tight hugs for a minute or so before she runs off.

 We are heading into preschool.

Ella is working on her art project at school. She loves painting.
 Ella was building maybe for the first time.

Logan shared her broccoli at the end of snack time. I was very curious about it because Ella would never eat broccoli before. I forget if it was some sort of greek yogurt or what on it. But I bet that's what made her eat it.
 Then leaving school. Ella and Logan held hands. (See video at the end for a post)
 Preschool was so tiring that she fell asleep on the way home.

 Ella works on putting on her PJs.
But then she puts on my shoes!
Here's a video of Ella and Logan holding hands leaving preschool. This was not prompted at all. They just did it.


  1. I swear girls are so instinctively sweet. Parker would never think to hold hands with a friend like that.

    1. Ella hadn't done it before. She often gives friends hugs and kisses.

  2. logan was so excited to see the "moo-mie" of "ewwa and wogan!"