Saturday, February 6, 2016


Instead of going for a run in the morning, I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics after dropping Dave off at work. Ella sat in a cart. She kept saying "done" while we were shopping. She wanted to get out of there.

After we left she was watching some bull dozers. I put her in the car but she was very interested so I asked her if she wanted to get out and watch more and she nodded.  We stood there and watched for a long time. She enjoyed it a lot.

We hung out at home. We did a hangout with my mom. Ella played with her dolls. Ella really likes her dolls to be naked!

I made cards again while Ella napped.

We met Dave for dinner. He was getting a ride home from his team building activity.  We met at Jersey Mike's and even ate with 2 of his coworkers. Too bad Ella is afraid of men.  Ella and I shared a cheesesteak and she ate a lot. Too bad we had to take turns so that made us even slower than normal.  I enjoyed just seeing his coworkers. I never get to anymore.

After dinner, we went to Sprouts. They had a kid cart. Ella started with it but then had issues with keeping things in the cart. She lost her cart privileges and had to sit in a normal cart. She was NOT happy.

She wanted a muffin bad so she got to eat part of one when she got home. She tried to call my mom on a hangout. My mom was asleep but she called my dad.  They talked for a bit. Ella is always giving kisses. Too bad kissing the screen doesn't have the same effect for the person on the other end.

putting batteries in the OK to wake clock

not happy in JoAnn Fabrics

bull dozers

unhappy in the cart


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