Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Ella woke up at 7:45 and before I knew it, it was time to leave for Nyla's birthday party.  On the way there I was thinking about how Anya didn't have a party this year. I get there and look at my phone to try to find the evite email to see where the party is for sure since there was an email with a change. Well I see there was in fact an invitation for Anya's party, I had RSVPed yes, and it was at the same time as Nyla's.  Oh what fun.

I purposely left a little late to get to Nyla's because I didn't want to be first. We got there at 10:35 and we were still first. Nothing was set up either. Nyla didn't even have her skirt on.

We hung out there. Ella had some fun. She wanted to go swimming in the pool that was visible from the party area.  Then we headed to Anya's party.  I'd say we were at each one for about 1.5 hours.  Ella was quite tired by the end. She would cry over the littlest thing. I tried to get her home to go to sleep but she didn't sleep right away.  She fell asleep at 2:40.  We ended up waking her up near 7:30. And it was a lot of effort to wake her up.

I did stuff with cards while she napped. I also watched some TV and did nothing and relaxed. I was tired from the parties too.

We had some dinner, watched some TV, and hung out. Then it was time for Ella to go to sleep. She did not want to. Then she didn't end up falling asleep until 10:30.

I fell asleep shortly after that. We were watching a movie but of course I fell asleep during it.

Nyla's party

Anya's Party

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