Monday, February 22, 2016


So I was sick all week and Ella was sick of staying home. She got clothes out of my closet and gave them to me to wear.  She also brought me my jacket and purse. She got her jacket, her water, and her snacks too. Then went by the door.

I was still sick. I had almost no voice. I figured at a park, we'd be far enough away from people that it'd be OK. We went to Mariposa Park. I feel like more moms talked to me than ever before.

Ella had tons of fun. But then she started to get possessive when other kids went on the swings that she was on earlier.  I didn't want to cause a big scene so we left.  But we did not go home. We went to Rengstorff Park next.
 Ella really liked the playground because she could hang like at gymnastics.

She also liked to spin.

 Ella sure had fun.

 We attempted nap in her bed. But that ended up failing.

 We mentioned it was time for sleep so she climbed on the couch and tucked herself in.

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