Monday, February 29, 2016

3-Day Refresh

groceries (already owned some stuff. Apple Juice for Ella)
I bought the 3-Day Refresh but then Dave said he'd do it. I knew if I waited and ordered him one he wouldn't do it. So he did the official Refresh and I just ate the healthy meals.
I started off totally wrong and missed morning shakeology so I just skipped it.
At lunch, Ella ate half my hummus and I doubled up on carrots.
some Day 1 food/drink
At the end of night 1 I was starving. After dinner I did eat some string cheese (off plan) and some carrots.  Dave was starving too but he did not eat any bonus food.
I woke up on day 2 and when I got out of bed I blacked out. Then later moving to deal with Ella I blacked out a few more times.  I guess eating healthy but not getting the calories from the vanilla fresh did me in.

He woke up on Day 2 and at least he didn't black out.  We both lost weight after day 1.

I made 1.5 serving of shakeology knowing I have a thief (Ella) and she drank more than 0.5 worth. I got less than 3/4 and maybe even less than half.  I had my fruit mixed in with my shakeology so I had a bonus clementine after.

Day 2 was a lot better than day 1. I actually had my shake but I also had some bonus peanut butter and 3 crackers.  Then later I ate 2 saltines and half a string cheese when Ella ate.   Since I wasn't drinking the fiber sweep or vanilla fresh I needed extra calories too.

Day 2 I felt more confident in the food. The veggie stir fry for dinner was really good.
Day 3
Days 2 and 3 were easier than 1. I did miss my shake on day 1. I also consciously made decisions to eat a little bit extra on days 2 and 3. I stayed healthy. I was realizing I'd get my amount of hummus out or amount of veggies and then Ella would eat some. So I was eating less.

I realized I had issues with healthy fats. I didn't eat enough hummus when I ate that. Also when I made green beans with oil I didn't like how the oil tasted on the green beans so I rinsed it off. I was lacking in my healthy fats!
Overall I lost 3.5 lbs. But more than that the amount of healthy food that I could eat and have was amazing how it changed my mindset. Also, Ella would eat healthy foods with us and then she would request healthy foods later instead of just jelly beans or candy. (This wore off after a month and she wants candy again. She doesn't get the junk she requests but I want her to request cucumbers and such again.)  I took my measurements and they didn't really change but I can't find the dang sheet so I'm not sure.  The before pictures were a few days early and I pigged out a little more right before the refresh but didn't feel like taking new pictures.  Also I'm mad I didn't take pictures with the same poses. So it's too hard to tell the difference.

Dave lost 4.3 lbs and 6.5 inches. (They do have you measure both thighs and both arms so you have a lot of numbers to measure to subtract.)

 The booklet that comes with the refresh has a nice breakdown so you know what to eat for each thing.
 I tended to like to pick the things in higher volume.
This is the veggie stir fry that was so good!

I tried to document what I ate. Also those couple chips on Day 1 were from Ella and she tricked me. I ate them so I wrote it down.
This is what Dave ate.  I think. I might not have documented his so well because I wasn't always on top of it.
After the refresh was over this is what we bought at the store. Note we still got some healthy stuff but we got some muffins too. The turkey and veggies was my lunch.

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