Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Well for the 6th night in a row Ella had awful sleep.  I tried rocking her and stuff. At 4:20, I decided to have Dave try because he usually rocks her and she falls right to sleep. Well then she had a temper tantrum and freak out crying for over 10 minutes. Finally when she was calm long enough to let us know what she wanted, she wanted her iPad.

Finally she fell asleep at 7. Then slept in the master bed until 10:40. I woke up at 9 and had to be very quiet. I was trying to clean. She did wake up a few times and cry and then I'd let her hold my hand and she'd go back to sleep.

She slept so long that going to preschool wouldn't work right. There's no way she'd nap at 1 there. Plus Dave had to get to work so he took the car. But I had things I wanted to do.

I spent all day cleaning and cleaning with Ella. We had lunch.  Then a little after 2 we left to run to google. I went the long but more pleasant way. Then I had issues finding the car. Dave tells me it's in the main lot near the last row so I run to the end of lot and that was not it. It was off to the side of the building. So it took me 5 minutes to find it at least.  Usually you can see the white roof towered over too but I couldn't. It blended right in.

We got to school a little after 3. They were about to start their Valentine's Day party.  When we pulled into the lot, Ella started crying saying she didn't want to go. Then saying bye was tough. She cried. As soon as I was gone, she was fine.

I went and got blood work. 8 vials was a lot! My arm felt tingly then my head felt weird.  On the way back to pick Ella up, I stopped at Marshalls and shopped. I found a tunic, workout tank, and 2 workout capris. Then I found some new workout bras. I of course bought Ella 2 books before I even started shopping for me.

I got to pick Ella up and she was playing and having fun. Then she saw me and shouted Mommy and got so excited.

We picked Dave up on the way home.  We decided to have dinner at the food trucks at the Computer History Museum.  Ella wasn't hungry since she just had food at her party but she sure had fun.

Then Ella fell asleep just as I was pulling into the driveway. I thought I'd drive around a couple minutes to get her actually asleep. Then we transferred her to the bed. We had an hour without Ella!  I was all crawled in bed by 8 PM. I was going to go to sleep. I really was so tired and getting sick. Well that ended. Ella woke up. Dave wasn't dealing with her. I got annoyed.  Then he stopped playing his game and hung out with us but really he lied on the couch and read and Ella wouldn't let me lie down. I had to keep doing stuff with her.  Since she had a nap so late it was around 9:30 when we tried to get her to sleep.  That did not go well. Then Dave handled a lot of that while I cuddled in bed. But she kept leaving her room so he put her in the crib. After 10 minutes of crying, he went back in and rocked her. Then she lied down and stayed in her room. But it was 10:45 by this point and I was still up and exhausted.  I pretty much fell right to sleep after that though.

This ia a picture of a mirror that shows Poly up on top of the shower!

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