Monday, May 9, 2016

Ella Says ...

I mainly forget to document her good quotes.
"No like it."
Ella says this probably once a day when she tries food and doesn't like it. 
It's been a few days so I don't remember her exact wording.
Ella drew on her chest.
Ella: Fire
me: why?
Ella: to go to space. go up high.
Referring to how rockets use fire to get up high. She's also told multiple people about this. She lifted up her shirt at the park to show the 4 year old and tell them about it.
April 2016
She has drawn fire on her chest at least a dozen times since saying so she could go up into space.
"No more shorts"
She took the shorts off her doll. Then later I tried to find them and saw she threw them in the trash.
me: What's your baby's name?
Ella: Baby Poopy.
Then she laughs hysterically.
Ella woke up and I hear her saying
"My bed is all wet!"

After Ella went potty at a play date.
"Baby go potty."
Then she said something about holding him so he doesn't fall in but I forget her exact wording!
"Hi baby." 
"I love you baby."
All while rubbing my belly
me: Ella what do you want to do today?
Ella: Go park. Go shopping.

5/8/16 (Mother's Day morning)

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