Saturday, August 6, 2016


 Ella's favorite thing is dumping out her blocks. Playing with them isn't so fun.
Ella is getting ready for a cooking meetup.

 She likes to push her doll on the swing. She used the rug that I meant to throw away as a cover.

 Ella is showing the baby wind chimes.

Ella helped mop before her friends showed up.

Everyone made pizzas. Kids did a decent amount but parents did  have to help.  

The pizza took longer than it was supposed to with 2 pans in the oven at a time. After the first attempt, I figured we needed to rotate what was on the top and what was on the bottom so the top wouldn't have burnt cheese and raw dough. I also learned to just cook it 25 degrees less to help that out too.

After most people left, Ella asked Gavin if he wanted to go outside and play so they did for a little bit.

Then it was car ride nap time. We parked in preschool parking lot waiting for it to start.
Gavin was asleep too but then Ella woke him up after she woke up. Stephanie was a room parent so I said I'd keep and eye on both cars.

 After preschool we went to the park.

Ella enjoys her placemat from preschool and likes to point out her friends


  1. Neat idea to make pizzas for the meetup. I remember when you said those jammies were way too big for Ella. Her baby looks so lifelike.

    1. I need new Steelers pjs. She wants to wear them all the time. They are so tight. Her toes are curled, her legs are smashed, she gets marks from the seams because it's pulling so much from her legs to her shoulders. The sleeves are also too short so the wrist thing leaves marks further up her arm. But she will not wear other PJs. I need to look up or find the same ones and buy in a bigger size!