Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Maternity Photos (7.24.16)

I got some maternity photos taken. I had some taken when I was pregnant with Ella. I decided to try to limit the post to 10 photos before rereading my last post on maternity photos and it seems I did the same thing last time.   We originally had them scheduled for July 10 but since Dave's back was so bad and Ella was up about 5 hours in the night, we decided to postpone. We rescheduled for July 24. That meant I was 34 weeks pregnant for them. That's more pregnant than I wanted to be since I had recently gotten sciatica pain and was more uncomfortable. With Ella, the pictures were taken at 29 weeks pregnant.

Marie of Girl Taking Pictures (facebook) took these pictures.

I made an album of all the pictures she provided if you want to see more.

Last time I had 15 in the final post instead of 10. First pass of trying to limit to 10, I included 26! I blame Ella for being too cute.  I got it down to 20 and am leaving it at that!

 These lying down pictures were supposed to be without Ella but she ran over and joined in.

I definitely liked the red dress better but wished it was more of a summery color. I only changed into it near the end. I wish I got more pictures in it.


  1. Oh I adore these pictures!! You look so beautiful!

  2. These pictures are adorable! ❤ Ella is a great model!I love your pink dress!