Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Maternity Photos

On October 15, Dave and I had some maternity photos taken. Amy of Blessed Moments Blissful Hearts.  Originally I thought the timing would be too early for maternity photos but then I did some research and learned new moms prefer pictures just about the timing I had to a few weeks later because they start to not feel as well and thus not look as happy in pictures. I'm paraphrasing all the research I did to just what I remember. I did notice my face started looking fuller and in the weeks since I'm looking heavier all over and not just a pregnant belly so I'm glad I got some pictures when I did.  I created an album (photos link) with almost all the pictures she took but I'm limiting the ones I post below.

Dave met me there. He was coming from work. We got started without him so there were quite a few pictures without him.
This picture was the one idea I had and asked Amy to do.
I tried really hard to narrow it down to 10 pitures and as you can see I failed. I just liked too many. What are your favorites? Do you like other ones in the album that I didn't share here? 

All photos: Blessed Moments Blissful Hearts

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