Saturday, October 22, 2016

Birth Announcement

It took a little longer to make my birth announcement this time and then it takes time to send them out. Again I waited until people got them in the mail before posting them.  I can't figure out how to share the way I used to but here's a link and the screen shots are below.
It took awhile to even find a card that had a back. I knew they existed since the one I got for Ella had a back!
I was just finishing making this when Dave wanted to watch TV so I just clicked order instead of triple checking everything. I keep fearing I screwed up.

Ella's Birth Announcement


  1. It turned out so good! I love that you included all these pictures.

    1. I don't know how people do it where they just include 1 picture! I made a folder of within the first 8 days or so of my "favorites" and it had 22 in it so then I still had to be selective. And I thought I was being selective initially!