Sunday, October 9, 2016

Miles's 4th Week (10.8.16)

I weighed and measured Miles in the morning when he turned 4 weeks. I finally remembered.  The height was tricky since he did not want to keep his leg straight for more than 1/10 of a second. It was either 22.25 inches or 22.5 inches. I went with the shorter one for now.   He weighed 11 lb 10.5 oz.  His head circumference was 39.5 cm. I took it once and wasn't sure it was right and took it again and got the same thing.   His weight is 93rd percentile, height is 88th, and head circumference is 98th.  My app says his GMI is 16.48 kg/m^3 and that's 89th percent.  His weight to height ratio is 73rd percentile.
Well now Miles seems to hate every single car ride and scream at the top of his lungs. (This makes Ella sad and she keeps apologizing to him like she did something wrong.)
We went on his first walk. We went to the park. Dave's back was ready to die and my knee was ready to die. This is why we have not done this sooner and why it won't happen again for awhile. At the park, I wore him in the Ergo and he fell asleep.  That's the first time he's fallen asleep in it and the 2nd time he's been in it.

Miles smiled once to Dave.  I saw it but didn't get a picture.
Miles likes to do tummy time leaning against Dave. Then he pushes off so he rolls over. He likes to do this over and over again.

Miles likes to follow my face as I move it. I like to see his eyes move to follow me and also see his entire head move sometimes.  I'm pretty close when he does that.   He does recognize my voice when I show up into a room.
On Wednesday, Divya watched him for 40 minutes while I went to the grocery store. He was a perfect angel.   Then after that the rest of the week he decided he was never going to sleep or to only take 10-15 minute naps.  This put a damper on Ella's days too.  I became exhausted.
A few times he woke up in the night and cried a little but then put himself back to sleep!

If he breaks his arms out of his swaddle he is not staying asleep and definitely not putting himself back to sleep.
Miles was good at my doctor appointment on Friday. He didn't sleep but he was quiet in his stroller.  To be fair it wasn't a lot of waiting at all and I did pace back and forth in the waiting room to keep him calm.

We've given him some toys this week and he grabbed them but I don't think he realized what he was doing.
For a couple days this week, he just wanted to nurse every hour or so. That was very draining.
Dave gave him a bottle. (Dave's first bottle to give him but the 3rd bottle so far that Miles took) Then Miles decided to projectile vomit all over him.
His face broke out this week a little. I don't think I noticed it last week.
He lies on his floor mat but doesn't seem to stare at the toys.  Then he will lie on a blanket on the floor and stares at the TV.
Multiple people have commented over the week how he looks much older than he is. People have also commented that he has really good head control. It's amazing how much he has improved in 2 weeks with this.
I've tried to put him in the ring sling and Moby Wrap and both I failed with. He sits too high up. I watched youtube videos and still failed. I'm going to have a friend help me figure it out next week.


  1. He is so so cute. The only swaddle Parker couldn't break out of was a woombie. That's too bad about the car rides.

    1. He breaks out of swaddles I do but not ones Dave does. And since Dave isn't around much he only swaddles him right before he knows he has to go to sleep so a few times this weekend when I wanted him to sleep I got Dave to reswaddle him and it worked. Dave swaddles and then I nurse then he sleeps.