Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Miles's 5th Week (10.15.16)

Miles smiled a few times this week. I didn't get pictures of them though.

He's awake and alert even longer during the day.

This week he seemed to decide to have his sleep suck during the days. That was not fun.  These half hour naps are killing me.

He started expressing himself more vocally this week. I love it.

Ella has been a lot more gentle with Miles this week and listens and doesn't touch him but then he still remembers the past and gets all worked up if she is too close or comes into the room when he's trying to fall asleep.

This week, he was in the car a few time and good more than he cried. It worked well to wake him up and change his diaper to leave so he was tired and fell asleep.

He went to a baby sprinkle and everyone loved him.

A few times this week he was around other people. He ended up being lulled to sleep by all the talking/commotion.  Twice this week I wore him into preschool in the Ergo and he fell asleep in there when I was picking Ella up.

This week he went to preschool to pick Ella up, went to his 1 month doctor appointment, went to Safeway and Michael's, met a lady in a parking lot to buy her double stroller, went to the baby sprinkle, and went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Stephanie and Gavin, Janine and Vash, and Divya and Arya came over this week. We also had a crafting meetup Tuesday morning. I feel like it was a busy week. I also held Miles while making cards and while making lollipops this week.

I can't believe we only used the bulb syringe for the first time this week.

(This has been written but no pics. They take forever so I just threw 1 in)


  1. Sounds like you're keeping busy! I was nowhere near that productive after delivery lol.

    1. I didn't think it was that productive. I had things I wanted to do and never got to. It took me all week just to call for an appointment at PT.