Saturday, October 29, 2016

Miles's 7th Week (10.29.16)

This week was by far the hardest. The days when Ella was at school were even pretty difficult.  He takes such short cat naps. He started waking up as soon as I'd move him to the crib. He wants to nurse while sleeping. He's refusing to nurse on the right side even more.  He's crying a lot more in the evenings.
On Monday, I took him to the Dollar Tree and to Trader Joe's. I had to drop Ella off at preschool and pick her up.
Tuesday we went to a Halloween event and he fell asleep in the Ergo. We were there 1.5 hours.
On Wednesday, I had to drop Ella off at preschool and pick her up.
On Thursday and on Friday, there were brief visits from friends dropping off food.
On Friday, I went to PT so Beth watched him for 2 hours while she was working.

After a few bad days of naps, Miles made up for it Friday night sleeping for a continuous 8 hours and 56 minutes!!! Too bad I was up late and couldn't fall asleep so I only slept about half that time! He also ate then went right back to sleep for 30 min then another 2.
He's smiling a lot more. He coos. He also cries a lot just being near Ella fearing for a tight hug or for her touching his face. She's nice most of the time now but he still cries waiting for bad times.

Earlier this week he weighed 13 lb 3 oz.

(All pictures from October 29 when he was exactly 7 weeks.)

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  1. He's getting so big. I think they say fussiness peaks at about 7 to 8 weeks. So hopefully things continue to get better. Yay for 8 hours sleeping! That's awesome.