Saturday, December 3, 2016

Miles's 12th Week

Well after how awesome week 11 was I guess I had high expectations. Sleep was crap this week. I don't think I have been so tired yet as I was this week.   He definitely broke out of his swaddle so much that it impacted his sleep. I ordered new ones on Amazon but that's still a couple days without new ones.
This week some baby friends came over and we took pictures.  (He also attended a birthday party, a park meetup, taking class photos at Ella's preschool, and physical therapy.) The pictures are either from Friday with my good camera or on Saturday with my phone.)
He talks so much.  He smiles and semi laughs a lot. He just stops doing it when the camera is pulled out!

He seems to have discovered his hands.

More and more people keep telling me he looks just like Dave.
"I'm sitting over him so he doesn't get lost"
new swaddle

Next time I take pictures with Miles, I'll make sure not to wear a tunic that is HUGE on me because it makes me not like the pics so much.


  1. Those little jeans are soo cute!

    1. They came cuffed and I had to fold them up extra to fit his shorter legs :) we just kept the suspenders as decorative instead of actually putting them up over his shoulders