Friday, December 30, 2016


 All 4 of us in a picture. 2 of us via mirror. I actually framed it to include Miles and me too!
Ella the photo bomber.

 Miles barely fits in the skeleton onesie but he fits. His toes get squished.
We were off to a Halloween Party meetup. I did not help plan this event since Miles was so little. It felt odd just going and not having been part of the prep.

I was so glad I talked Dave into going. It made it much easier. Well Miles also slept the entire time. I was amazed at that. So it was basically the easiest meetup for me ever and I actually got to talk to some other moms.

Ella loved Paige. She seemed to like Ella and Dave. It worked well since her mom was tallying the voting results and she was content and not bothering her or anything.  I know when I try to do tasks at a meetup, Ella is all over me and I'd love it if there was some sort of distraction for her.

Here's a group picture. I find it funny. It looks like there are just 2 giants on one side of the group.

The meetup was only before nap but I barley have any pictures after nap so I guess it was nothing to write home about.

Apparently I wrote this without realizing I drafted a post. I then wrote that post without realizing I had this one. Instead of combining them I'll just have 2.

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