Tuesday, January 17, 2017


The night's sleep was awful. Ella was up twice.   She was sick.

Ella guilted me to take her to the bazaar. She asked why I picked Miles to take. :( :(

The bazaar was scheduled 10-4 and I was selling my cards. Tobe was coming halfway through or so and then I could leave if necessary.  Hilary was there from the beginning. I had to get there a little after 9 to set-up. I was late because Ella guilted me into taking her so then I had to get stuff ready for her. If I didn't take her, I actually had to leave by 12:45 because Dave had to go into work. So I got to stay longer but as it got close to nap time I knew we had to leave.  Ella promised she would sit there bored and not leave the table. That did not happen. She did sit there a little bit when she was eating or  some of the time she was watching youtube on my phone.  She wanted to shop. She wanted everything. We did buy her a ponytail holder with some decorations on it made by a 6 year old.  (I think she lost it before the end of the night).   Miles took a few short naps there. I nursed him a few times.  He wouldn't let me wear him because it was too hot.  We even had to leave to go to the travel potty in the car twice. She didn't want to use a public restroom but that's why I'm so glad we still have a travel potty,
When one of Ella's friends was there to shop, Ella and Mary held hands as they walked around shopping.

Overall foot traffic was very low. We didn't make that many sales. If one lady didn't buy 22 cards then we would have barely made any. This year I didn't spend more than I made so that's good.
I bought raffle tickets and did win something. But I heard chances were really good. Not many bought them! Each vendor had to donate something worth $10 so there were 29 booths (minus a couple cancellations) so they had a decent number of prizes.
We hung out in the evening. Dave worked until Late.   I was so tired after the bazaar. Man was it exhausting with 2 kids there. If I was just selling stuff without kids then it would have been a piece of cake.

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