Saturday, January 21, 2017

Blogging Process

I started this when Ella was a few months old. I only added a column about a year ago to it.

My goal is to blog everyday. I also want my daily picture cropped and ready for the blog post.  I really wanted snr info added on what I wore but that site hasn't worked in 3 years yet I don't delete that column.   To be able to blog a specific date, I have to have my google photos album created or I don't know what goes to what day and can't add it to blogger.  To make the album, auto backup has to be up to date.  Lately I can get a week behind the auto backup so that's delay 1.  Then I delay making the albums.  Then I write the post and add the pictures. Sometimes I write a post as the day happens and there will be a lot more text with those.  I just happen to have 60+ of these in my blogger draft as we speak.

I started something new where if the blog post is from March 22 then I make the blog time 3:22.  I did 2015 posts with AM and 2016 posts with PM.   After a few months I may redate some posts to make them better in order or to have a post not be almost a year after it happened.  Having the time match the date means I can change the date of 4 posts to the same date and they'd show up in order .

I have a goal of 1 post a day. I rarely make that. My reach goal is 2/day average to try to catch up but I'm very far from that!

My daily picture is 4.5 months behind in cropping and having that ready for a post. This is the most behind I've ever been!

The new column I added is if I shared pictures with friends from a date or an event. I take a lot of pictures and people always want me to share and this helps me keep track if I shared. I just forget to mark this off a lot since my paper isn't always with me.

Currently I'm up to printout 12. I have 6 pages that are ongoing so at least that means I did 6 pages worth.

Sometimes a date is so eventful I skip it because it'd be too long to blog. Then I end up blogging the boring days and not the eventful ones.

Blogger has added a category of "From your phone" that is the auto backup so if I was caught up I could add photos easier. But once you get older than a week it's too hard to scroll.  

I'm always torn if I should blog more recently or catch up on old ones.  I used to try really hard to make sure all my skipped days were at least blogged before that month the following year so if I had January 2016 posts to do I would have them finished in December.  But now I just hope to have it done before the date the next year. So a January 10, 2016 post would have to be up by January 9,   2017.  Right now my oldest missing post is January 24 so I have a few days.  I have 17 days to catch up on until March 15, 2016 and then I have 9 missing in March. I didn't blog April 30 yet because we went to the museum and it was very eventful.  Then starting May 8, 2016, I have a lot that I have not posted. By "a lot" I mean I probably have 3-5 posts a month for all of the following months.

I need to change my methods but I can't handle it. I tried to skip or not post as much but then I didn't like it.

How did you think I blogged? Are these methods close to what you guessed?  How would you do it? How do you do it?

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