Thursday, March 23, 2017


I meant to have an entire post about Miles's eczema and I never did.  In early December I noticed a little dryness.  Then it was a couple weeks later it got really bad the day he wore a nice sweater to go see santa.  I contacted the doctor. She said to contact a specialist. Then it took awhile to see a specialist. He was not seen until January 3 so this was all before he was seen.   His  arms got so bad in the car that they were oozing at one point too. I used lotions I had and cocoa butter to help.

Ella likes Miles. AND Miles likes Ella. 

A collage I made advertising the Christmas ornament mom's night in I scheduled.
 Another view of how awful Miles's arms look.
 Dave getting Miles set up with sock hands!
Miles is wearing Ella's shirt!
Just look at his face!

 I just need to print a picture for my 2013 ornament!
When I got to preschool, Ella was actually playing with her friends. That seems rare when I pick her up. She might be playing beside kids but not with them. They were together building a city.
Ella is having a snack :)


  1. I know a lot of people deal with eczema with their babies. I was always thankful I didn't have to with mine. Is he doing better with it now? Poor buddy.

    1. It's a lot better. Sometimes he gets little patches and then they go away. Just his head is worse with it being so itchy. If he's not on bendaryl 24/7 now he scratches his head off and has 30+ bloody marks.

    2. That's good! But he has to take benadryl 24/7? Doesn't he get sleepy?

    3. He sleeps normally overnight I guess. On Benadryl he usually naps about an hour.