Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ella Says ... (December 2016)

I document some quotes as time goes on. I definitely don't document everything awesome or funny but here's what I documented. 

Ella: Where's Goosey?
(Ella learned that Dave and I call each other Goosey.)

Ella: Colleen where's Dave?
(She also knows our real names.)

I can't find my keys.
Ella: I'll find them with my hard muscles.
She flexes her muscles. 

Ella fell and caught herself mostly but in that process bumped the table and spilled her milkshake. She got so sad and said "Daddy isn't going to like this"  She was so sad about it.

Ella tells me "lets go"
"We are going to McDonald's after I go pee pee in the little potty"
After a little and I ask if daddy can bring it home 
She keeps saying no "you and Miles and me"
I explain miles isn't good in car
"You and me. Miles can stay here"
She was pointing when she says who both times. 

Eating pretzels
Me: these are salty
Ella: I like salty pretzels 

Sat up a little to drink water

"You aren't leaving yet. I just got you to lay with me"

12/22 11:40 pm
I told Ella bedtime in 10 min. Dave said so early?. I mentioned earlier since at school (something but I can't decipher my typos!). So then he said "ok Ella bedtime in 10 minutes.”
she said "no. 5 minutes". 

He said "bedtime in 5 minutes ". 
She said "ok"

Ella has trouble going to sleep
Me: Why don't you want to go to sleep?
Ella: Because it's Christmas

11:40 12/24
"Hurry home mommy I have to pee pee"
(At a red light ) go mommy go 

Tried to take Ella's pic
“no! I don't like pictures “

12/27 12:50 pm
Ella: I'm making  a baby for you
Me: How are you doing that Ella?"(Look over and she has 3 barrettes on a toy bed}
Ella: Doctor.

Looking at her hair and touching the ponytail
“My hair is so difficult.”



  1. These are all so funny. I can't choose a favorite.