Monday, May 8, 2017


The finished product of what Ella painted.
 Cute Ella in the morning.

 Ella is feeding Baby Timmy yogurt.
I got a package! It was my replacement camera and accessories. Oh the excitement.
 Ella when I picked her up from school.
She had to show me some things from the classroom.
And it's been months without some good camera pictures of Ella so I took some as soon as she was home!

I started making the canvas for Ella's Mother's Day canvas painting meetup. I already have one Mom one that she painted so this time she could paint one for herself.
 Ella and her dolls!
I was sending the picture to a friend of Ella and her dolls. She asked if I could make a collage. I made a few variations. She was using them for the shower invite. Ella loved her dolls! Baby Timmy was a favorite but she still liked other ones.

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