Sunday, May 14, 2017


Ella and Miles hang out in bed.

Ella had her 3 year well check doctor visit. Dave was still on vacation from work so I made him go. The appointment was for later when Dave was working but then they called to reschedule. It worked out better for me.

Miles chilled. He didn't go for himself but just to hang out with us there.

Miles does not look happy!

After Ella had her doctor appointment, I had to go to PT. Miles was there. It was a long day for him.
You can see Miles's eczema here.  We got his medicines but they didn't start working yet. 

 Miles did not like his bath.
Ella and Miles shared ice cream.
 I started to organize and go through Ella's drawers. Poly decided to hop in the drawer.

I'm not quite sure what happened here!
Ella opened her new sleeping bag. She found a head lamp. I didn't know it was in there.
 Ella loved the headlamp.

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