Saturday, May 13, 2017


Ella in our bed again!

 I took my weekly picture while they were sleeping!
Ella and I went to a baby sprinkle for 2 of our friends.
They had a onesie decorating station. Usually the moms do the onesies. But I had Ella help. She loved it! She wanted to do more. I outlined a boat and a rocket and she colored them in. Then I asked if she wanted me to sign her name at the bottom. She said no she would so then she scribbled at the bottom right to sign her name.

Baby Timmy was at the park too. He got his own swing some of the time.

Ella wanted to do some push-ups with me. We are still working on perfecting her form but she's pretty good. She just needs to look ahead instead of down. Most adults have that problem too.
We went to Boston Market for lunch. Ella doesn't use a high chair but her doll does.

We got Frozen Yogurt after.

Then we went to Trader Joe's.
I thought this was a fun comparison. I took a picture of Ella after seeing my time hop.

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