Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I took some pictures to show my progress or transformation. I told people in my challenge group to do it so then I figured I better do it. Can't even tell I'm pregnant here from the back.
 Ella sleeping.

Ella and I went to our Monday run.  We played briefly at the park after.

We had to sort of hurry home so that we were back in time to prep the dough and have a meetup.  We had a pizza making meetup with the mom's group I was less active with.  Ella missed her friend Mary.

 Ella loved the baby.

 Everyone rolled out their own dough for little pizzas.

Some kids used the little rolling pins I ordered online. They were smaller than I expected. They seem like they'd be better for playdough.  But they at least gave everyone a chance until they got to use a bigger one.

 Everyone put sauce, cheese, and toppings on.

All the kids made their then the moms made theirs. We all got food that way. 
Some people were impatient waiting for the pizza.

After everyone left, we realized Ella's friend left her bag. Ella pulled out the apron and put it on.
Then she used the apron to make a swaddle for her doll. She did a pretty good job even though she forgot to put in the arms. 

 We went to Grant Park.

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