Saturday, May 27, 2017

Roadtrip Stats

I was going to put together a graphic but I keep not going to it. So here are some stats from our road trip

1 Roadtrip
21 days
19 hotels
66 cities -- per google
14 States
47 restaurants meals (35 at restaurants + 12 eaten in hotels)
37 charges at superchargers
6 Museums
2 Aquariums
2 presidential libraries
1 park
1 candy store

3 Swimming (2 Times in hotel pool (2 Ella 1 Miles) and 1 water at lego land)
4 loads of laundry (done on the road trip. We arrived with a TON of dirty laundry)
3 of us threw up on the trip 

I don't have miles traveled because we forgot to hit trip until we were in AZ or so and then we forgot to look at the trip when we arrived home.  We remembered after 1 small trip but we weren't at the car. Then we thought we'd check and subtract. But weeks went by and we never checked. 


  1. Can you map it to see approx how many miles? I still can't imagine doing this with kids. lol.

    1. Yes we can and still could probably get our round about miles too. Oh and our car insurance is pay by the mile so we could figure it out with that too.