Sunday, July 2, 2017

Photoshoot 3.25.17

I thought I made this post, but I guess I didn't.
Right before we moved, we got professional photos taken. The timing was for Miles's 6 month photos but we got family ones and ones of Ella too.
Here are just a few of the pictures.
I had a tough time finding outfits that coordinated.
Marie Cole from Girl Taking Pictures took these. She's taken all of Ella's milestone pictures. I am not looking forward to how we have to find a new photographer.

This was my favorite picture of Miles.

OK I included almost all of them. I had trouble deciding.


  1. Love these! We combined Rory's 6 month with family pictures also.

    1. Who wouldn't :) Except we didn't get a lot of just Miles because he was tired.