Wednesday, January 25, 2006


i'm so tired. this morning we got so much stuff loaded in the truck in an hour. then I had to pack a bunch more. The kitchen took forever. I didnt have enough paper or bags to cushion them. Timmy is brining me a few more boxes to finish up everything. We will have no problem fitting it all. We might have a problem laoding up the matterss tomorrow. PB has to go for bloodwork between 8 and 9 tomorrow morning. I'm going to be so tired. Last night I tried falling asleep for more than 2 hours before it actually worked. So i ended up with about 5 hours of sleep. Then i barely ate anything and then i moved heavy furniture. I'm actually starving right now. A bunch of us are going out to dinner very shortly.

PB has a bunch of reading material he got at the doctors today. I bet some of it is good info and I should read it.

*Sorry this post isn't in chornological order. It sort of is then I think of something and say that and then start chronological order over again. It probably makes no sense. I have no idea I'm too tired to be able to tell.

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