Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I wore my new skirt and shoes.  I should have worn pantyhose. I was so hot upstairs with the window opened that I thought it was warm outside. It was not.  I also took the pictures at a sunny time. 

Shoes: Target
Skirt: F21
Shirt: Express
Jacket: NY&Co.
Necklace: Limited

I tried on a lot of old clothes. I decided to give a few things to Goodwill. I moved a few things that were too big and a few that were too small to another closet.  My closet is still too full.  I need to go through more.
Dave and I went out to breakfast.  Then we went to McGuinnis Sisters.

We woke up before 6am and I ran downstairs and took out the trash. We forgot.  We just made it in time.  Then I played on my iPad in bed for awhile.   After shopping, I napped for 2 hours.

I started off productive, but with that nap it ruined my entire day. I tried on some more clothes and didn't do much else at all.

Dave napped later in the evening. Poly napped at the end of the couch.  Then napped on Dave. Then he told her it was time to get up but before he finished his sentences she started napping under his chin.

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