Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long Run (4.29.12)

Well I finally ran a long run. This is my first one in ages. It was longer than what the taper on the training plan says. But today looked at the training plan and the last time I looked at it was week 5.  Today is the last day in week 17. I ran the 30k a month ago and then only ran an 8 mile run since and all other runs are 5 or under and mainly 3 or under.

We met at a new place. Waterworks Mall was wrong on my GPS. {Later Dave said it was wrong last time we went too. He just forgot. Last time we went was 3 years ago so it is understandable to forget.}  I ended up turning around because it made it out like I missed it. After I was back again to where it said it was, I called Ibrahim. He put Jill on the phone.  Then later I messed up again. I called back. I eventually made it. I was 15 minutes late. :(

About 3 miles into the run, my knee started hurting but not bad.

Maybe 4 miles into it, my toe started hurting. It just felt like pinching.  We stopped back at the cars at 5.75 miles and I took off my shoe to find my sock bloody. I took off my sock and saw a bloody toe. I put on a bandaid from my wallet. (a bandaid that I bought in Colorado when I had a million blisters)

I went on to run and my watch was beeping up a storm. It seemed like it started but I guess it did not because .75 mi later my watch gave the 30 second warning for inactivity and that it was turning off the GPS. No good. I started up the timer but now my data is all inaccurate.
About 2 miles into the second run, my toe started really hurting again.  This time I felt like I couldn't bend my foot at the ball of my foot. I wondered if it was bleeding again.

I got home and looked at it and I had bled through the bandaid too.
At the end of our run we were just short of 10 miles so we ran extra in the parking lot. Then on our way back from the turnaround spot, Jill said to run hard like in a race.  Then she said her fast and our fast were different so we should keep going fast. Then she cheered and cheered and described the end of a race and a finish line. I ran the last .28 in 7:40 pace but really only the last .13 of that were at the fast pace.  I was really booking it.  (We went fast for .13 so .1 was in my .25 split and then the last .03 was done in 9 seconds for a 5:06 pace.)  I could tell I was going fast.  I can't believe I had that in me since my toe hurt so bad.

I don't feel ready for the marathon. I have a week.

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