Friday, April 6, 2012

Long Run Data

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Is a picture of a few tables worth a thousand words?
Since November 26, I have only run over 13 miles 4 times. I was just thinking this is really bad but it's better than I was 5 weeks before my last marathon.  Granted my last marathon had a sucky time for me. I wanted to do a lot better but injured my calf so changed my goal time.  I think my "goal" was 5 hours but I told everyone my goal was to finish.  Partway through the marathon I changed it to 4:45 and beat that. Initially I wanted 4:30 with a reach goal of 4:15.   This year I want 4:10. I think it worked out well not telling anyone a goal time for the Philadelphia Marathon.  It was far less pressure when running.  Adrienne always tells me I under-promise and over-deliver. She says this will serve me well in the future, but everyone will be on to me so I will have to double under promise or double over deliver.
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What do you think of my times?  My marathon pace was 10:43 according to my Garmin that said we ran 26.37 miles. I'm much better than that now.  I need my 5k time to improve too. My next 5k is May 19 and I sure hope I PR at that.

Man oh man looking at all this data makes me want to run more for more data but I'm still on my week off running to try to heal. :(  Someone else run and tell me about it.

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