Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6.5 - Apartment Hunting

I woke up a few times too early. The time zone change is difficult.  I fell back to sleep around 6:15 and then slept straight through to 7:20 so then I didn't have time to workout.   We went to breakfast. Then we killed some time.
We met the Realtor at 9 to head to look at apartments.  By 2:45 PM, we looked at 12 different places. Well at some places we looked at more than 1 place so we really looked at a lot. It was quite challenging.

We went to some Hobee's for lunch. Many restaurants around here boast about their healthy choices. There are also many with vegetarian options or even vegan. I'm not used to that.
Then we went back to the hotel. We analyzed different apartments for over an hour. We looked into how long it'd take to drive to work, how long it'd take to bike to work, what all was close by (walk scores), and the ability for public transportation.  After over an hour of that, we headed back to the good place.  We spent an hour there.

We headed to have dinner on Castro. I wasn't a big fan of the place we went.  Then we went and had Gelato. 

After all that it was back to the hotel.  We had a busy day and Dave fell asleep right away.


  1. I really like the pictures of you two! And I don't know how you looked at that many places in one day. It makes me tired reading about it.

    1. It was tiring.

      We didn't realize we matched until we were heading to meet the realtor at 9. Multiple apartment people commented on how we were matching.