Monday, June 18, 2012

Temporary Housing

Here's what our apartment looks like for temporary housing.  It's a 1 bedroom apartment. The master bedroom has a walk in closet that it seems I forgot to take a picture of.  There is a little closet in the bathroom with a washer and dryer.

We'll be here about a week.  But we could be here up to a month but we will have our own place in about a week.
The view out the window is to the pool.  We are on the second floor.  Poly likes to look out the window.  She is actually doing it right now too.


  1. It looks pretty nice.

    I hope you are comfortable!

    1. The chairs and couch aren't that comfortable. They are too short for Dave's liking. They are comfortable enough for me to watch hours and hours of One Tree Hill.

  2. That pool looks amazing! Enjoy not having yardwork for a while :-)