Wednesday, June 20, 2012

5.31 - My Last Day

Poly was still at my parents so I asked for updates. The picture on the bottom right is of Poly on my parents kitchen table.  My mom said she jumped up and my mom lifted her and put her down and then she got back up and did that.
Work was crazy.  I was crazy busy.  Some people came and said bye to me. Some people hugged me bye.  But for the most part nobody did anything. My manager wasn't even there to collect my stuff.  He signed the paper the day before and left it on my desk.  I felt like leaving would have more of a goodbye than it did. I just dropped my stuff off at my managers desk and left.  No big thing. It just felt weird. I thought there should have been more of something when leaving.  It actually made me a little sad.  The lack of goodbye made me sad not the act of leaving the company.  I left my desk a mess.  I did go through all the unread emails and forward them to my backup. I also forwarded the rest of the flagged emails.  I put an auto response up that said I no longer worked for the company.  I got a few emails after that from people telling me it was the best auto response they read yet.   I ended up turning my computer off around 3 to finish packing up my cube. I figured if I had it on, I would just get more emails and more work and I would never get out of there.  Work owed me 2 floating holidays anyway and I hear people don't even work a full day on their last day anyway.   Have you ever left a company? How was your departure?
After work we went to Johnny Carino's for dinner on the way to my parents. We hurried because we missed Poly.
After we got there and were talking Poly was on the floor and I thought she looked lonely. I went over beside her and ended up falling asleep.  Dave knows me and took my picture. I actually woke up and said "I fell asleep. Why didn't anyone take my picture?"  Then I learned later pictures were taken!  We hung out a bit after that.
Then we headed home.  Poly does not like car rides but she liked to be home.

(Dave complimented Jen on her clothes and asked if they were new. Then I asked about mine and he said I looked like 2005.  Well I bought everything I wore in 2006 so he was wrong.)

And this was the beginning of my new journey in life. Oh boy.

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