Friday, May 10, 2013


Orange: Loft, Shorts: AE, Shoes: Famous Footwear Necklace: Sears?, Purse: handmade
I wore orange because I told Dave to pick a color and he picked orange.
I woke up at 11. Then I spent over an hour emailing from bed. Dave probably thought I was still sleeping.   Then I used my desktop for a bit.

We went to Target around 2:30. We spent over an hour at Target. We were trying to buy a shower curtain. It's funny that between Dave and I we couldn't figure out what color our rugs were. I thought they were blue (was thinking navy) but they are a green/jade type color. I thought our towels were white and tan but that's the other bathroom. They were tan and that green color.  We did figure out the walls were a tan and the ceramic was tan. We thought the cabinets were medium wood but they are white. I thought the sink and counter were white but the sink was white and the counter was the same pattern as our kitchen counter.  We were so close yet so far away. It's funny.  We ended up just buying a white shower curtain. We couldn't handle choosing a pattern.  They had one with a subway map on it but it wasn't that cool so we didn't get it.

Through most of Target, I swear Dave was in slow motion. I had to wait for him in each aisle.  Since we drove, we had so many things on the list that I wouldn't buy when I was walking.  We had 92 lbs of groceries + however much the big Tide laundry detergent weights. We left that in the car.
We went to BJ's for dinner.
We watched Argo and then I read in bed.  The light was keeping Dave awake so I played Popping Donuts on my iPad instead.

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