Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Shoes: Famous Footwear, Jeans: Express, Shell and Cardigan: Limited, Necklace: Target
I got dressed in 2 minutes. It was warm outside but last time we went out to BJ's, it was freezing so I anticipated the cold.
I watched some TV. I used my computer. I took some pictures of Poly.

Around 5:30 Dave told me he was leaving work and we could go out to dinner. Too bad I had just snacked because every other Friday he works way later and then I'm starving by the time he gets home.
We went to BJ's. We got the same as always. The pizza was raw. This time the waiter was back in a minute and took it away and put it back in the oven. He was very good not like a week earlier with my parents. I don't think he even told his manager because all he did was credit our bill 10% and it said employee discount. But we both had pizza on our plates and that didn't get reheated but gone thrown away. If we would have known they were just putting it back in the oven we would have put our 2 pieces back on. The 10% didn't actually cover the 2 pieces we lost but we were using a $25 gift card from last week's fiasco and last week we got it taken off the bill too so I didn't complain. I would have otherwise. If the manager did come over during dinner I was going to say how this waiter was so much better than the one last week. We saw the same manager on duty. The waitress from last time was also there and she looked out of it. Luckily she wasn't our server.

After we got home we called my mom to tell her about the pizza but to also tell her about Dave's interesting trip home from work.

Dave calls me when he's at the light at Mathlida so I can go downstairs and meet him when he gets in the lot. He did that this time. But he says he thinks a guy is dead in his car a few lanes over so he gets out of his car to check on it. The guy didn't move his car and people were honking. There are so many lanes so everyone could go around him. Dave knocked on his window 10 times or so and was about to call 911 when the guy suddenly woke up and moved the couple car lengths ahead to be with the other cars. Some lady shouted at Dave asking if he was all right. Dave shouted back that he was just sleeping.  At least that guy sleeps with his foot on the break. Also he wasn't dead so that's always good.
We talked to my parents for about an hour on the phone. After we got off the phone they were going to finish watching TV but we went straight to bed. Sometimes it seems like the time zones go the opposite way. I don't know how they stay up so late.


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    1. it appears my story about dave/ride home is not when it actually happened but when i told my mom about it. sheesh. I'll leave it there.