Thursday, June 20, 2013

4 Weeks (April)

I got a positive home pregnancy test at 4 weeks and 1 day but it was a faint line so I took another test at 4 weeks at 2 days. (I think that's my 4th week versus 5th week but I don't really know. My weeks may all be off) I took a picture of the test and texted it to Dave. I was a little disappointed that he was busy at work so it took him a couple hours to respond. It might have been a little more fun to have him here to see my excitement. I honestly wasn't expecting a positive test because I hadn't had positive tests in the past even if I was a couple days late.

How many weeks: 4

Size of baby: Poppy Seed

Total Weight Gain/Loss: down 1.9 lb  I weigh myself daily. Trying to figure out what to use as the baseline weight was trickier. The baseline weight I'm using is 136.5. I think that's what I should use based on what I remember a friend saying. I was hovering 134-135 for a few weeks earlier but I popped back up for what should be the start of the weight.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely not yet but all my normal clothes have had trouble fitting for the past 6 months or so. Pretty soon I can at least blame that on something instead of just getting fat.

Gender: Not yet

Movement: Not yet

Sleep: I have no idea. What would have been week 3, I stayed up until 5 am, 6am, and 4am just because. I have no real reason to go to sleep or wake up early since I don't work so this is a tough one. But Thursday night still in week 3), I slept 10 or so hours and slept until 1 PM.

What I miss:  pepperoni on my salads. But I might not even have missed that if we didn't go to Trader Joe's to buy some stuff for salads and I didn't put any on mine.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Nothing yet.

Symptoms: Nothing yet.

Best moment this week: The positive pregnancy test

Looking forward to: Actually telling people.

Exercise: The same as I had been doing. I actually ran less (way less) because of my plantar fasciitis. Running, biking, and weights.

I know a lot of people do these types of weekly updates while pregnant and I'm not sure of the official way to count or post but I will be attempting to write them on the last day of the week mentioned.  I already take a daily picture (but the old site is down and my newer one isn't really up to date) but I am trying to decide if I should find the same thing to wear in every picture like Merrick did or just post a daily picture from the side in any outfit like Jen did.

OK I Decided that my posts will be for the beginning of the week versus the end.

(That picture is from my daily picture the day I found out. I sure look happy.)

This is the first of my weekly posts. I wrote these as the weeks happened but didn't post them until I was further along.


  1. I'm so excited to be reading these!! I took my picture and did the post at the beginning of the week. Because if you think about it then you'd be a week behind if you did it the other way. Like if you're full term (40 weeks) but you wait till 41 weeks to post about week 40 you could have had the baby by then! lol

    1. Most early on are pretty boring so maybe it's good they are posting every other day for a bit.

      After I wrote this I did more research on what you call the weeks and figured out I did it right but I didn't go back and fix my paragraph dilemma since that's really what was going on in my head.

    2. I don't think they're boring. The first trimester is when some of the most interesting symptoms happen, lol.

  2. Wait, what's this rumor I hear about a poppy seed inside of you?

  3. Poppy see bagels are the best!

  4. We are very happy for you folks and yes keep posting as this is a special time to share with everyone.