Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sleep (More)

About a week ago I posted about my sleep recently but there was no specific comparison to the past. I decided to do a new post to show that. From August 1-28 I got an average of 6:46 of sleep a night. The weekend of August 10-11, it seems I wasn't able to catch up on sleep because I actually traveled in to class to work on a group project.

In May, I was pregnant but before Dev Bootcamp. I was also lightheaded a lot so there was a lot of lying down. The armband thinks all the relaxed lying down was when I was trying to sleep so then my sleep efficiency appears low but just pay attention tot he 9:17 compared to the 6:46 above
In February, I was not pregnant or attending Dev Bootcamp and apparently getting 8:41 a night.  I just picked a random time and didn't specifically try for long or short sleep.
Back in 2012, I was working at Westinghouse.  The extremely short sleep on March 9 was because I stayed up too late watching TV.  So  I guess by comparison, I'm not getting all that much less sleep now compared to back then. But I'm so exhausted now.  (March 12 I got only a little sleep because we had changed the clocks and I slept in too much on March 11 then stayed up too late for my March 12 sleep.

Does seeing this comparison make you think more or less shocked about how little sleep I'm getting now?


  1. Even though you were getting similar amounts of sleep in 2012, you also weren't pregnant back then either. And probably not as stressed learning new things, working on projects, etc.? Those will make a difference in your level of exhaustion. You're growing a human being. That is hard work!! Does your BodyMedia armband know when you take a nap on the train? What does that data look like?

    1. Well if you sleep sitting up or sleep lying down with your arm over your head then the armband doesn't register that as sleep.
      The thing with sleeping on the train is that it isn't a sound sleep so it's not as good.