Monday, May 12, 2014


Ella woke up around 6:30. She even played a bunch before Dave woke up. We went to visit him before he woke up but then that caused him to wake up.  After some playing, I fed her again and she went to sleep.
Then I went for a run and fell.

Ella woke up and played some more.  Since she woke up and Dave was still here, we went out to say bye to Dave. I keep trying to get her to wave and show her how Dave waves to her. Well I was waving and showing her and then she moved her arm to wave. I thought maybe it was a coincidence but still it's cool .

Then it was naptime again.
Then while feeding her, I called my mom. We talked for 2 hours on the phone. (I had on speaker phone. The screen was off. Above is a picture of Ella looking at the phone since that's where the sound was coming from.) Ella napped for almost an hour of that. Right after I got off the phone I go to put Ella in her crib. I did not realize she already slept so long and she woke up right away.

I was about to change her when the landlord showed up. I knew he was coming. We greeted him prior to a changing. There was lots of talking. He was surprised how alert Ella was.  Then I said I better change her. She was starting to get antsy. He said "bye bye" and waved and she tried to wave. The landlord even pointed out that she was trying to wave but her arm was in the blanket. So maybe waving wasn't a fluke. Or maybe it's in my imagination and the landlords.

So I changed Ella and fed her. Then I did my 60 second plank for the plank challenge and we were out the door.  The longest part of the walk was waiting at 2 lights for a walk signal. I just missed getting the signal at the first one so I had to wait a full rotation to get it.
I was walking to Rengstorff Park. It's .7 miles away but felt more annoying because of the lights.  I got there near 2:30. I was the 4th one there.  In total there were 7 people but some showed up even an hour after I did.  This was a boardgames and blanket babies meetup for babies born in 2013.  Ella was the youngest. There was a 5 month old. The rest were 7 and 8 months old. I thought Ella was well behaved. She did a lot of standing. I did nurse her. I also had to change 2 diapers.  We left at 4:15. They stay until about 5 but I knew she was really tired. Seeing so many other babies made me think how tall Ella is.  For the first hour I was there, nobody had any games so we just talked. I liked that part.  Then we played some trivia type guessing game. I didn't do so well.  It was 65 degrees and felt like 70 degrees.  I was hot. I even removed Ella's socks on our way there. Ella wore a tank top dress. She seemed to enjoy the shade. The other moms were complaining it was cold and putting sweaters on their kids.  Two other moms had BOB strollers like mine. One said she ran with her son right away and even had him facing forward at 4 months. Everyone it says to have them wait until 6 months old to use (specifically facing forward).  Ella has the bar so the carrier fits on top but I'm still nervous how much she bounces around in it so I want to try to run without her for now. I also have enough trouble falling when I run myself!

As soon as Ella was in her stroller to go home, she fell asleep. She stayed asleep after we got back for awhile. I guess all the babies wore her out.
I only wrote about the first half the day. Here are a few from the second half.

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