Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ella 5 Month Update

  • Weight: 14 lb 15 oz  - 45th percentile 
  • Height: 27.25" - 99.2th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 16.25 inches - 49th percentile
  • Diapers: Size 2 (I quit size 1 on the 17th)
  • Clothing: Disney 0-3 month and 3-6 month, Spasilk 6 months, Steelers 3-6 month, Carters 6 month pants, Leveret 6-12 month onesies.  Carters 6 month and Carters 9 month dresses that she's been wearing. I will have to size up soon for length  
Ella has been a lot better at sleeping through the entire night. There were 3 days where she didn't eat enough before falling asleep so I knew she'd wake up in the night. She does go to bed so late. I feel like I have no time to catch up on anything. She doesn't nap very long during the days. I've been trying to figure out how many naps she takes but it's challenging. It's between 3 and 6. She takes more than anyone else I've talked to of similar age but her naps can be as short as 10 minutes and most often are less than 30 minutes. Also her days are much longer since her night is only 10pm-6:30 AM.

She still eats for between 2 and 4 hours a day but most closer to 2. She spends less time eating than she did last month, but she's taking a sippy cup a lot more now. I also feed her baby food daily now which takes time but doesn't count in those totals.  We started feeding her on April 26.  I was pumping 2 oz every morning but now I tend to do 4-5 oz. I tried the sippy cup with her on May 2 and she was amazing at it. After just a couple tries she was even doing it without my help holding it.
This month I spent way more time sitting trying to nurse than the nursing time shows. Sometimes we would sit there for 30 minutes and she'd eat for 8. She was too busy squealing, smiling, and talking. Who knew having a happy baby could be an issue. Sometimes we'd be sitting for 20 min and she'd eat for 3 and then that just meant she was starving sooner and we'd repeat the process. There were a few days I was so engorged from this. 

Sample Schedule:
She still doesn't have a specific nap time or food time yet.  Basically she sleeps for a long period of time starting at close to 9:30 PM. She sleeps until about 6:30 (some days 6:20 and some days she sleeps in until 7:05).  Then she says away for 1-2 hour splaying and chilling with Dave. Then she goes to sleep for maybe an hour if I'm lucky.
She then will be awake and play for about two hours. This time has been getting longer throughout the month. She eats after she wakes up most of the time and before she goes to sleep again. Throughout the day her naps range from 20 minutes to 2 hours but usually on the shorter side.  She is up for more than an hour and a half at a time pretty much every time she is awake. But a lot of the time she's awake for 3 hours. Sometimes for 4 or 5. Sometimes she plays and is pleasant when awake. Other times she's so fussy and won't let me put her down to play. She might also seem tired but she sure won't go to sleep.  At 9 at the latest, I start feeding her to get her to eat then go to sleep.  Her bedtime routine involves Dave swaddling her and then taking her around the room/house to try to find me to nurse. She sees me and gets all excited when she sees me. If I swaddle her and walk her to the chair it's just not the same.
Special Moments:
On April 22, she started a new thing of sticking out her tongue when she was started. 
On April 23, she sat watching TV for 5 minutes. She really enjoyed modern marvels about potatoes that she stayed at a 45 degree angle sitting without any support. 
On April 24, she sat up from leaning on pillows to get a kiss from Dave. (Video from the 25th)
On April 25, she held her arm out for Dave to hold her.
On April 26, she stood up from kneeling when she was leaning against Dave. We started feeding her baby food!
On April 27, she slept a half hour in the crib without being swaddled! (I got my hopes up for this but it was never repeated.)
On April 30, she drank 1.5 oz form a bottle in 2 minutes. This made me really mad about all the other times that she'd take 15-20 minutes and not even drink a full oz. 
On May 1, she started rolling over a lot. I call her a rolling machine.  She also drank from a glass. She grabbed my glass and put her mouth on the rim so I tilted it a little and she got some water. 
On May 2, we tried a sippy cup for the first time and she loved it.  She also drank a cold bottle for the first time. 
On May 7, we discovered she was ticklish. Well Dave discovered. I don't like to tickle. 
On May 10, she peed with a diaper off while I was in the middle of changing her!   Later in the evening we were doing crafts and she hit her head on the table when I was holding her and doing something. 
On May 12, Dave asked her what was wrong and she said "hungry" sort of. Then I nursed her! Dave was trimming her nails and clipped skin. It bled for almost an hour. 
On May 14, she sat pretty well but just for a few seconds. Later she hugged Luke, a 9 month old, at a meetup at the park. 
On May 15, she shimmied over to Dave in bed and then said hi to him. He was still mostly asleep at this point. 
On May 18, she was turning over in her crib and she got her leg stuck in the slats. She also saw herself in a mirror and said "hi" to the baby!
On May 19, I asked Ella if she wanted to give me a kiss and she pressed her mouth on my cheek.  I was going to take before and after pictures of her eating and I forgot to take an after picture. I didn't realize until I wiped her off. I told her how I forgot and she said "haha" then Dave came into the room and I was telling him the story and when I got to that line again she said "haha." She said hi to Dave and gets all happy when he says hi back to her.  We tested the no arm swaddle at night. Her torso was still swaddled. She slept through the night so I call it a success. 

Ella started eating baby food! We started with sweet potatoes. So far she's had sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. 
She's able to sit unassisted now if nothing distracts her to make her turn and lose her balance.
She rolls multiple times in a row instead of just rolling over once.
She's now ticklish.
She reaches out to touch faces and well everything. She will grab my hair too.
She can now eat her feet. 
She has said "hi" a few times when greeting someone or in response to "hi" but I'm not sure she really knows what she's saying.
Throughout the month she started sticking out her tongue when happy. She started squealing even louder. She started laughing.
She transitioned from tolerating a bottle to loving a sippy cup. She also drank pumped milk from a cup.
She gave a hug to another baby.
She can recognize two songs that Dave sings to her often. 
She gave me a "kiss" on the cheek when I asked!
She is saying fewer different sounds this month.
Other Tidbits:
She still likes to play a lot! 
She loves it when she's swaddled (even if it is the 1 arm swaddle or 0 arm swaddle).
She likes to stand with support.
She likes to sit. Most of the month she sat partially propped up but learned to sit without support too.
She likes to be held.
She likes to talk and smile at us. She especially likes to try to say "hi." 
She likes to watch TV. She seems to especially like American Idol. We won't actually have her there watching it but she'll turn her head just to see. She also likes to watch Dave play WoW or Diablo. She loves the colors.
She likes to look at her mobile. She just loves those planets.
She likes when Dave makes her fly. (She doesn't love it as much when I do it.)
She loves to roll over to get from point a to point b. She rolls 5 ft across a room.
She loves to squeal with delight. These squeals have been getting louder too.
She loves grabbing her feet.
She likes to chew and suck on our fingers. 
She loves to touch everything including my face.
She loves to pull my hair. She even reaches for the hair going into a ponytail to pull it out of the ponytail. Ugh.
Ella LOVES when Dave gets home from work or in the morning when she sees him. Her face lights up. She doesn't get that excited for me EVER. 

She doesn't like it bright or the sun. She also doesn't like her sunglasses and doesn't like to be covered with the cover on the stroller.
She doesn't like to nurse if I'm talking. 
She doesn't want to nurse during the day without being swaddled if she wants to fall asleep next.
She doesn't like to go in the carrier in the car.
Sometimes she won't nurse while I'm watching TV. She wants the quiet of her room.
She doesn't like the bottle but we stopped trying with that! She probably still doesn't like pacifiers but I haven't even tried to give her one.  She doesn't like to be in the carrier in strollers but we've upgraded her to forward facing in all the strollers so she's much happier. 

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 10 hours 27 minutes  
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 28 
Diapers used (from May 1-19): 11.8 per day (decrease from last month)
Time spent nursing (from May 1-19): 151 minutes (2:31) per day (decrease from last month)
Feeding average per day (from May 1-19) = 1.3 oz (since she started the sippy cup, we've been using it more)
Time spent sleeping (from May 1-19): 14 hours per day  (decrease from last month)
My recovery
I don't even feel like I notice anything with my core anymore. I'm not noticing my abs on runs anymore. I am consistently running longer. 
I'm still up 6-8 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight and up about 15 from my old normal.  I'm getting too used to my midsection so I forget that it's huge. I saw some old pictures recently that reminded me though.  This month I've had entirely too many no workout days though. We aren't going for walks as much. There were a lot of really hot days in the past month. 


  1. I love all the detail. She is getting cuter all the time. Those cheeks!! I wanna kiss them!