Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Ella woke up around 7:20.  I had an awful night's sleep though. I woke up or Poly woke me up. It sucked.  I woke up to learn that at 3:20 there was an earthquake. Multiple friends felt it. We slept through it or I woke up right at it/before it according to my bodymedia fit.

I woke up really sore. My glutes sure were feeling bootcamp.

We didn't go anywhere all day. We cleaned up a bit. I cleaned up a bit and Dave was in charge of Ella at different times. I didn't do nearly what I wanted to do.  I did some laundry. We cut Poly's nails. (Well some of them! She wasn't cooperative so we said we'd finish later but we didn't.)

Dave made delicious Apple cinnamon pancakes for breakfast. Then he made hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for lunch/dinner (3PM).

We spent some time teaching Ella how to go from sitting to standing. She learned fast. She got her first baby cookie and got cookie all over her face.

Pictures are below because they are out of order and don't really pertain to much that I wrote about.


  1. That little blue romper is adorable.

    1. Thanks. It rides up on the sides so those pics aren't even the best of it.