Friday, September 26, 2014


Oh what a bad day. It was really tiring. Dave didn't get home until 8 PM. Ella went to sleep minutes later. So it was hard and I didn't get a break. Ella only had 2 naps. Each for about a half hour but she also wouldn't even sleep unless she was nursing at the same time. (I'm not sure that counts as a nap.) I just needed the break so I let her do that. 

The paragraph above is all I wrote for the day but as I added pictures, I added some text. See below.
Dave read to Ella before he went to work.

We partially walked Dave to work. I had him take my daily picture.

I took a ton of pictures of Ella trying to see her teeth.

Ella is working on her down dog!
"Look I can pull myself up to standing using water bottles. No big deal"

We went to Sprouts. I got food and refilled our 5 gallon water jugs.

I got a bow in Ella's hair!

You can see her teeth. I tried to take a million pictures inside and could never see here teeth. Here I tried to get the bow and you can see the teeth!

Now the bow is in my  hair!

We went to the park.

Ella did a google hangout with my family. That helped her be less cranky.
Ella liked a cucumber in each hand an a cucumber in her mouth but she was always having trouble keeping all 3. I never got a picture of all 3.
I thought Ella was done. I took away the try and she looked at it longingly since there was still food on it.


  1. For a bad day she sure is cute!! Love the bows!

    1. She is cute even when bad. The big bow is from you.