Monday, September 1, 2014

August Exercise

I did a lot of running this month. I only walked a half dozen times or so. I went to one bootcamp. I didn't lift weights at all. I also did some shopping while wearing Ella and other times while carrying her but I didn't even count that as exercise.
16 times not 17 (updated after screen shot taken)
I hit my mileage goal too early this month then I slacked off!  I think I should increase my goal. I made my goals for the year prior to my first run of the year.

So far this year I ran 181.86 and all last year I ran 205.31 miles. In 2012, I ran 600.68 miles. In 2011, I ran 522.06 miles.

I pushed the stroller all times but one this month!  I run way less on the weekends.

Should I update my goals to make it so I have to work harder to meet them?


  1. Congrats! Yeah up the goals (but keep realistic obviously).

    1. The other months I had a tough time meeting the goals but each recent month had days of not running (traveling, surgery) so they would have all been low. I think 3 times a week and 3 miles a piece is pretty standard but there are days I have other things going on so miss. so 4 weeks at 9 a week so 36 might be a good goal to try at first. I know I beat that in August but I ran many days in a row at times.