Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I had a Stampin' Up class recently. This time I focused on cards you can give to children. The one with the animals is my favorite.
 After I assembled this one, I realized I could have done it ROYGBIV or similar but I didn't use green. So I got green and guests had the opportunity to use green and do it in any order they wanted.
The legos are dry embossed but don't photograph well. The yellow in the middle there shouldn't be there. I accidentally had a sponge in my bag that rubbed up against it.
I have had this owl punch and never used it. I also had the balloons sizzix and never used them. I wasn't a big fan of either. I'm going to a first birthday party in a few days and the theme is owls and the colors are pink and purple so that's why I made that one. 

I create instruction sheets at each class. Here's an example. Ignore the underlining. I took a screen shot and am too lazy to fix it.


  1. I really like the caterpillar one, it's cute!

    1. Thanks. I liked how it was super simple and is different than I normally do. The eyes were a little challenging to glue down though. I lost about 5 eyes all over the place before I actually succeeded gluing them down.