Monday, October 13, 2014


Ella woke up at 5:10. She was asleep by 5:30, but I couldn't fall back to sleep. Then she was up before 6 anyway. I would have been mad to have just fallen back to sleep anyway.   She took a half hour nap on me in bed around 8. I slept 20 minutes of that time.

She had one nap in the morning in addition to the one at 8. I don't count 5:30-6.

Then around 1 she napped again for 2 hours. I showered during this time! It only took me 28 hours after my workout to do my post workout shower. I also made a few public albums from when I was in PA. It takes so long and is so annoying. I spent over an hour and just got 2 days worth done.

She napped about 15 minutes while we walked back from the park.

I don't think Ella naps much. I don't think she eats much either. She eats often though. I really want this to change but then always fail at working on it.
Because of her late nap we got to the park 2 hours into the 3 hour window. Most people were leaving as  I got there. 3 of us were there for a bit and 2 new moms walked over to find out about the group. They were impressed with how Ella sits. They both had babies born November 17. Then one lady was talking to me forever even though I even put Ella in the stroller to leave. Ella was so good that I did not realize we were there standing for so long. I think I was standing for over 1 hour!

I got home and nursed Ella. Then I fed her mixed veggies pureed baby food. Then I gave her 8 sweet potato puffs. She LOVES puffs.

Dave said he was done playing games at work so I figured that meant he was coming home and I turned on the oven.  Then I read that now he's helping a coworker so that means that because he played games that he will get home too late and I will have my dinner impacted with Ella's bedtime routine. Just so you all know this never affects Dave's ability to eat a hot dinner. It only affects mine. I nurse so I do it. I also deal with Ella most of the time when I'm eating. Also if Dave even holds her when she wants to be nursing, she goes into panic mode like she'll never get to nurse again. She's also teething so nursing isn't even so fun at the moment. (Not because she has teeth but because she is in pain.)

See some out of order pictures tomorrow.


  1. That E is for Ella onesie is super cute. Love the picture of her sleeping on you.

    1. Thanks. I did E is for Ellanpic based on her activity at trm my friend used that to come up with making a onesie.

  2. We never set up the piano like that on our activity pad. Does Ella like it a lot like that?

    1. Yup even now. I used to swap it but now have it just for sitting. She plays and then bobs her head to dance.