Thursday, October 16, 2014


Ella was up at 6. After she ate, we played for about 45 minutes. We didn't wake Dave up. I got her back to sleep. I slept in her glider holding her instead of going back to sleep. I figured I'd sleep longer that way. I might have been right but it ended up not very comfortable. I needed another little pillow behind my head. I used to have it, but now I have to use the pillow to prop up the boppy. She's so big, she's flattening it and now she's not high enough with the boppy alone. She slept until 8:30. I probably shouldn't count that as a nap since it started so early but who knows.

My app says she had a 20 minute nap at 10 but I don't even remember this nap at all. (I'm typing this at 5:46 PM) Oh now I remember. This was during my run.

At noon she took another nap.  This one was actually in her crib.

We played a bit and did this or that. We headed to Safeway at 3:45. I wore her in the bjorn. Luckily I have long arms. She reached for everything. When I was grabbing something off a shelf, she was trying to grab something too.

At 5, she fell asleep for another nap.  I ate some cereal for a snack because I'm so sick of my dinner being cut short because Dave gets home so late and then I have to start her bedtime routine. I'm sick of being starving and then eating at 10 pm or something.

Ella did a hangout!

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