Thursday, October 30, 2014

Citrus Lane October 2014

We got our 6th Citrus Lane Box. This box arrived just before Ella turned 10 months old but since I changed her age they thought it was a few days before she turned 11 months old. I can only find a few blogs with their October reviews up and they are all for older kids. Ella would have liked all of their boxes better than this one.
We got to choose what pattern leggings we wanted this month.
Here's what we got and the pricing
Little Princess Baby from North American Bear Co - $14.99 on Amazon
Cage Bell from Hohner Kids - $8.19 on Amazon
Leg Warmers from Ooh La Leggings - $10
Calendula Baby Care from Weleda (small samples) - $1 (probably less. You can get a lot for $14


I think this was on the cheaper side.

I liked the bell the best and Ella really likes it. I might like the leg warmers because it is getting cooler in the morning and it's 62 in our living room but then it's 70+ later in the day. If I can throw on leg warmers then I don't have to swap out pants. We'll see if I remember. I do think the leg warmers fit her well. They are exactly the length they need to be to go from thigh to ankle so I'm not sure how these go up to 6 year olds. I'm not sure how well she liked them though. She got a little ring around at the top of her thigh.  The doll is dumb to me. It's similar to other ones that were cheaper and that Ella never liked.

In my card that says all the items it specifically mentions the doll is made for the littlest hands but then on Amazon it says not for children under 3.  Then for the bell it makes it may take time to learn how to ring it but Ella got it right away!  I have so many butt creams and lotions for Ella and never use any. Maybe I should start giving some away to other people so I don't hoard things I'll never use.

What did you get in your box?

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  1. I love baby leg warmers. They're so cute! I bet Ella looks adorable in them.